"Changjiang Scholar" Professor Luo Biliang made an impressive speech in the SCAU Graduation Ceremony
Time: 2017-06-20     Source: SCAU official account年轻人片app下载手机版

On 17 June, as the representative of SCAU teachers, "Changjiang Scholar" Luo Biliang, the professor of College of Economics and Managment, made an impressive speech in the 2017 SCAU graduation ceremony. Professor Luo's speech was full of life philosophy and inspired all graduates.  

Prof. Luo pointed out that students will face many uncertain situations in their life after they leave the university, thus he suggested that students need to shift "the objective function" of their life from "maximizing profit" to "minimizing risks", which means that students need to translate "supporting your dreams in reality" into "putting your dreams in reality." Prof. Luo used the theory of Economics to explain that, the selection criteria of risk investment is not based on "maximizing returns" but "minimizing risks". Later Prof. Luo gave two suggestions for graduates to "minimize risks": keeping self-discipline and dedicating yourselves to work, which means that firstly you must be yourselves, secondly you need to work hard for the present, lastly you must know how to build good relationships with others. 

In the end, Prof. Luo Biliang expressed his best wishes to all graduates of South China Agricultural University.

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